The "Bakers Technology Fair" will facilitate the display of a wide range of products and services offered to the baking and confectionery industry.

This fair will help all the categories of bakery and confectionery product manufacturers to find smarter solutions for their businesses under one roof. It enables professional visitors to find first-hand information on the latest developments, trends and technology that could simplify work and increase productivity and profits.

Today, the bakery industry in India, has found an important place on the industrial map of the country. Bakery products have become items of mass consumption considering their low prices, high nutrient value and easy availability to the common masses. With rapid growth and changing eating habits of people, this sector has zoomed into prominence.

According to research & market study, professionals are working on Retail Bakery, Improved Packaging, Health Foods, Improved Taste & Appeal, Increasing the shelf life of products and Developing new bakeries, etc. This thrust on value addition is expected to rapidly push the development over the next 5- 10 years.

Reports say that the per capita consumption of bakery products in India, as it stands today, is one to two kg per annum, which is comparatively lower than advanced countries where consumption is between 10 to 50 kg per annum. The gap is fast closing, and of late, the Indian market growth rate of bakery products has been tremendous, in both urban and rural areas. This sector is poised to experience gigantic growth prospects.