Baking is a traditional activity and occupies an important place in food processing industry. The bakery manufacturers in India can be differentiated into the three broad segments of bread, biscuits and cake. About 1.3 millions tonnes of the bakery products industry in India is in the organized sector out of 3millions tonnes, while the balance comprises of unorganized, small-scale local manufacturers.

After entry of Pizza, Burgers’ and other international bakery products in the country, the Indian palate has changed dramatically in the last decade. Today, it’s not only bread, cake and biscuits but to other bakery products also have found its place in the Indian confectionery business. The consumers are increasingly going for newer options with respect to bakery products. With the ventures of few brands like Britannia, Unibic , ITC, Biskfarm, and Morish etc. competition has increased. Also, the Indian market is witnessing the proliferation of bakery café chains in the form of Barista, Café Coffee & Monginis etc.

Armed with better technology, know-how and novel ideas, these foreign companies have made rapid inroads into the lucrative market within a very short span of time. Though the demand for bakery products in India has always been on the rise, there is clearly a lack of awareness and the will to break new ground, which has helped global players to gain brownie points while exploring the market in India.

The unorganized sector accounts for about half of the total biscuit production estimated at 1.5 million tonnes. It also accounts for 85 per cent of the total bread production and around 90 per cent of the other bakery products estimated at 0.6 million tonnes. The last includes pastries, cakes, buns, rusks and others. It is evident that India is poised for a steady growth of 17% in the food bakery & confectionery sector for the year 2018-2019.