The BAKERS TECHNOLOGY FAIR is a strategic platform aimed at benefiting the baking, catering and confectionery business. Global and Indian manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, associated services will showcase their capacities and capabilities in conjunction with the latest technologies in the industry.

The bakery and confectionery industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Bread and pastries are major bakery products and about the most in demand products all over the world. The emergence of a significant middle-class, urbanization and the expansion of modern habits by busy, health-conscious and well-informed consumers are equally raising the consumption of bakery products in India. The changing demographics are also changing the way people are consuming bakery products.

There is no doubt that bakery products are becoming a prime food of Indians. They are food items to nourish those with a hectic lifestyle.

To cater to this ever growing demand, innumerable production units are springing up in every nook and corner of the country. From small bakeries to bigger ones, the demand for upgrading technology and implementing change is rapidly growing.


The location has been carefully chosen considering that there are over 200 confectionery units catering to the local markets. The big players like ITC, UNIBIC, Britannia, etc use a mix of franchise arrangements, with small units and product conversion formulations, to increase their market shares. More than 7000 bakery units in the states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana are in the phase of modernization and trying to get into the organized segment. The Snack & Sweet industry along with the QSR contribute to the growth of this region.

Local confectioners of Hyderabad are flourishing and cashing in on the sweet tooth of the people in the region. Many local companies have dared to come out in the market, to compete with major national and international brands. The good news is the local companies have created a market of their own and are constantly growing despite the challenges they face.


The city of Coimbatore and the neighbouring districts of Tamil Nadu, serves as an important hub for the bakery business, with almost every cafe serving bakery products in the local market.

The southern districts of Tamil Nadu, dominate 60% of the total estimated 17000 units existing in the state. The bakers in this region are constantly looking to enhance and upgrade their products & existing working standards in line with the latest norms being insisted upon by the Food bodies. The next generations of bakers are looking at business expansion, to stabilize and sustain themselves in the growing competitive market. The Franchisee model and buying of existing bakery chains are quite common these days among entrepreneurs and the home baking segment, which have a strong business background. This module seems to be growing Multifoods due to the noticeable change in the demand supply chain.